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Concrete Pump

Pi Makina, one of the oldest Concrete Pump manufacturers in Turkey, produces Concrete Pumps in different types, features and capacities. Pi Makina, which has been the first choice of ready-mixed concrete producers, contracting companies, cobblestone and precast producers, has many smoothly working concrete pumps not only in Turkey but also in different parts of the world.

Concrete Pump product range consists of truck-mounted concrete pump and pull-type ground pump. These plants have models that have the capacity of 35m3 to 140m3 concrete producing in order to meet different needs.

Superior features of Pi Makina Concrete Pumps compared to its rivals are;
- Designed to resist the different climatic conditions
- Its durability with more steel tonnage weight
- Checking of every part in quality control laboratories
- Special welding robots used in welding
- Usage of the highest quality equipment (Hardox,Rexroth,Hawe Hyrdraulic,Emmegi,Brevini,Lincoln)
- Possession of international certificates (ISO, CE, GOST-R)


Concrete Pump

Pi Makina Concrete Pumps provide many advantages according to their preference. Production technology is at the highest level compared to other locals. All the materials used are first put into production after the test measurements are approved in the quality control laboratory. Welded manufacturing is combined with expert welders and welding robots. The desired surface qualities are obtained with precision machining in 5-axis CNC machines, which are the high-tech products of the manufacturing. Concrete Pump main connection fittings go through heat treatment applications in special furnaces. The fabrication and assembly processes of hydraulic cylinders are similarly configured, resulting in pressure and ejection testing. In addition to all these, all other used spacers are selected from the best quality brands in the world.

  • Pi 140-47-ZX Concrete Pump
  • Pi 130-37-S Concrete Pump
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