Considerations for Concrete Pump Operator

The installation phase is very important for truck mounted concrete pumps. Appropriate ground structure should be provided by considering the loads to be transferred from the fixing feet to the ground during the Concrete Pump installation. On soft floors, the bottom of the feet should be supported with wedges. As far as possible, installation on inclined surfaces should be avoided.

In case of installation in a narrow area, the expansion of the fixing feet should be done carefully according to the working area of ​​the booms, this is very important in terms of balance.

The maximum allowable working angle of the concrete pump must not be exceeded. It is a risky situation to have overhead power lines within the working area of ​​the Concrete Pump.

The operator needs to be much more careful in such a situation. Apart from these, in order not to encounter any problems during the operation of the concrete pump; Before starting the pump, the vehicle's undercarriage, electrical and electronic components, hydraulic and mechanical systems of the pump and safety systems should also be checked.