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Pi Makina
Company Profile

Pi Makina, which was founded in 1972 with a view to reduce Turkey's dependence on the foreign supply in the field of heavy equipment and construction machinery, became the first and only company to produce scores of domestic heavy equipment and construction machinery such as concrete batching plant, concrete paver, asphalt paver, trans mixer, grader, dozer, loader, backhoe loader and tower crane for this purpose. From the initial years of its journey, the Company took part in many airports, dams, highway construction, thermal power plant construction, housing projects, stone and quarry projects. During this half-century period, Pi Makina’s heavy equipments and construction machinery is preferred by foreign companies, as well as domestic construction and contracting companies; and the Company has also gained a place in the global market. This success enabled Pi Makina to have attained the sales of tens of thousands of machines and plants. In addition, Pi Makina, which has been manufacturing parts, systems and vehicles to private entities and foundation organizations with a high domesticity rate for more than 10 years, has reached a significant producer position in the field of defense industries, while for the energy sector it has become the first and only domestic company to produce fully automated oil drilling rigs that can go down to a depth of 7 thousand meters. Today, Pi Makina, which operates in 800 thousand square meters of outdoor and indoor production areas, and has more than 1000 staff employed therein, and performs steel construction welded manufacturing, precision machining, quality control, heat treatment, gear-walking group manufacturing and painting processes in its own facilities. In accordance with the founding philosophy, Pi Makina, which has the “know-how” of all machines it produces, strengthens domestic production, and contributes to the growth of the country's wealth. With half a century of experience, we share, at Pi Makina, the rightful pride of being able to meet the most crucial needs of many sectors such as construction, mining, energy and defense industries together with our valued stakeholders.

Pi Makina
Our Values
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Pi Makina is one of the leading companies in the sector in heavy equipment and construction machinery produced through reliable, advanced technology and continuously advanced design. Pi Makina has adopted as its mission the awareness of producing its products innovatively, environment friendly, ensuring energy saving, fair priced and sustainable and the customer-oriented approach in post-production support services.

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To contribute to the country's economy by adopting the definition of superior quality in market development and customer focus with the awareness of domestic production in line with the goal of continuous and profitable growth.

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To produce with a focus on sustainability and safety, and create our entire value chain and processes from a risk and opportunity perspective, AND THOSE ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE...

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"Pi Makina Environmental and Occupational Safety Management Systems Policy is provided below: By identifying the environmental and occupational safety dimensions and effects that may occur when performing activities of our company engaged in production in the field of heavy equipment and construction machinery and defense industries’ issues, the following are our main objective and goal.

  • - To eliminate or minimize any damages that these effects will inflict upon the environment and people,
  • - To take measures to prevent pollution by minimizing the contamination caused by the resulting wastes,
  • - To fulfil any responsibilities regarding the protection of natural resources,
  • - To ensure the raising of environmental and occupational safety awareness in customers, employees, suppliers,
  • - To comply with the provisions of applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations, administrative regulations, and standards,
  • - To meticulously monitor occupational health and safety hazards and use best efforts to minimize,
  • -To make activities for improving environmental and occupational safety awareness of interested parties.
  • -To work in harmony with the relevant objectives while continuously developing the existing Environmental and Occupational Safety System,
  • - To respect the environment, and ensure continuous development and leaving a good environment for future generations ."
Pi Makina
Our Certificates