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Defense Industry

Pi Makina continues to work one-on-one with the leading foundations and organizations of Turkish Armed Forces and Presidency of Defense Industries. Pi Makina, which received the facility clearance certificate in 2008 and has been one of the leading foundations and privately owned companies of the defense industry since then, continues to add new products and systems to its product range in the defense industry, sustaining to work in one-to-one cooperation with ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, FNSS, TAI, NUROL SAVUNMA and TUBITAK. I t demonstrates its strong manufacturing and engineering capability to the leading companies in the defense industries, both thanks to the success it has achieved in the works it has delivered and the technical solution packages in the system projects it offers.

Automotive Industry

Pi Makina, which has made significant investments in the automotive field in recent years, also produces On-Road and Off-Road vehicles. All components and assemblies of these vehicles except engines and transmissions are designed and manufactured by Pi Makina. 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 On-Road vehicles that can meet the demands of many different sectors, as well as 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 Off-Road vehicles are produced with the know-how of Pi Makina.

Contracting and Construction Works

Pi Makina can carry out any kind of steel construction projects with a project management staff exceeding 45 people. In such context, the greatest reference is the successful works completed by our company which has also supported many of Turkey's leading projects. With strength based on quality, our company continues to serve with its facilities that can respond to any special projects and carry out their production without any problems. - Drilling Facilities - Featured Assembly of Permanent Dam Equipment - Penstock - Dam Covers - Tunnel Formworks - Permanent Equipment - Molds - Steel construction works - Turnkey Projects - Air Line Hoists (Blondin) -Highway bridges and railings

Railway industry

Pi Makina continues to develop its product portfolio for the purpose of offering its experience and quality principle in the railway industry. In this context, Pi Makina has entered into various original and powerful projects with • TÜLOMSAŞ (Turkiye Lokomotif ve Motor Sanayi A.S.), • TÜDEMSAŞ (Turkiye Demiryolu Makinaları Sanayi A.A.), • TCDD (State Railways of the Republic of Turkey) and • TÜVASAŞ (Turkiye Vagon Sanayi A.S.). Our company, which also evokes the power of domestic manufacturing in the Railway Industry, comes up with solutions according to the need for rail systems, one of the transportation lines critical for the world, will continue to contribute to the country's wealth and technology.