Concrete Pump Installation

Concrete Pump installation is a process that should be done carefully according to the work site. There are many important parameters from placing the fixing feet on the ground properly to choosing the concrete pump well according to the place where the concrete will be pumped.

Although the installation phase of mobile concrete pumps differs according to the working area, it has a very important place. Pi Makina officials, who stated that a suitable floor structure should be provided considering the loads to be transferred from the fixing feet to the floor in the concrete pump installation, draws attention to the following issues: In case of installation in a narrow area, the expansion of the fixing legs should be done carefully according to the working area of ​​the booms. The maximum allowable working angle of the Concrete Pump must not be exceeded.

Having overhead power lines within the working area of ​​the pump is a risky situation. The operator needs to be much more careful in such a situation. Apart from these, in order not to encounter any problems during the operation of the concrete pump; Before starting the pump, the vehicle's undercarriage, electrical and electronic components, hydraulic and mechanical systems of the pump and safety systems should also be checked.