What Should Be Considered When Buying a Tower Crane?

Tower crane is an equipment that has an important role in the construction sector and is often used in the construction of high-rise buildings. Some important factors to consider when buying a tower crane are as follows:

Function: Choosing a crane that best suits the needs of the project is critical when buying a tower crane. Factors such as height, weight, carrying capacity and ease of use are important to consider when choosing a crane.

Safety: Tower crane is a high-risk equipment, and its safety is extremely critical as they may inflict damage on the environment and workers during their operation. Therefore, when choosing a tower crane, safety features such as safety systems, brakes, alarm, and other measures should be taken into consideration. Maintenance: Tower cranes entail regular maintenance. Therefore, factors such as ease of maintenance, challenges in supplying parts, availability of spare parts should also be taken into consideration when choosing a crane.

Area of Use: Tower cranes are large and heavy machines and the size and shape of the area they will use must be considered. For example, if they will be used in a narrow space, the maneuverability of cranes is of importance.

Assembly and Disassembly: Tower cranes can be costly and time-consuming on account of assembly and disassembly. Therefore, one should take into account the ease, speed and cost of assembly and disassembly operations when choosing a crane.

Vendor: It is important to purchase a tower crane from a reliable and well-known vendor. The vendor’s experience, technical support, and customer service should also be considered when choosing one. When choosing a tower crane, other factors such as cost, return on investment, service life and replacement costs should be considered besides the foregoing factors.