What is Tower Crane?

Tower crane is a lifting equipment used in the construction of high-rise buildings. They are often used on construction sites, and they are capable of easily lifting and lowering loads thanks to their height. Tower cranes stand on a vertical tower and have a lifting boom to ensure that loads are transported. The lifting boom, by virtue of the height of crane, cover large distances and can usually rotate 360 degrees. Tower cranes are usually made of steel or aluminum. These materials increase the durability of cranes and ensure that they are resistant to wind and other natural influences that may occur by dint of the height of the cranes. Tower cranes are available in a variety of capacities and are usually selected based on the size of the construction site and load requirements. Tower cranes can be used for various purposes, such as handling materials in high-rise construction buildings, lifting heavy prefabricated components, assembling reinforced concrete walls, floors, and beams. The advantages of tower cranes include a large coverage area thanks to its height, large load capacity and fast load lifting operations.