What is a Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plants are facilities employed in the production of concrete used in the construction sector. Concrete is a very commonly used building material in the construction industry and in many structures, such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, ports, etc.

Concrete batching plants are facilities wherein concrete is produced through mixing of various constituents. These constituents are generally cement, water, sand, gravel, and sometimes additives. Concrete batching plants produce high-quality concrete by mixing these constituents with a certain proportioning. Concrete batching plants are available in stationary or mobile mode. Stationary concrete batching plants are often used in large construction projects and are permanent. Mobile concrete batching plants are a portable solution used in short-term projects.

Concrete batching plants make use of various technologies to improve the quality of concrete. Among such technologies are automated weighing, automated mixing, concrete temperature control and humidification.

Thanks to these technologies, the quality and durability of concrete is improved.