What Are The Safety Features of Tower Cranes?

Tower cranes have many features to ensure safety. Some important security features include:

Load Limiter: Cranes have load capacities and it is important not to exceed these capacities. Load limiters monitor the maximum load capacity of cranes and issue alerts if a load exceeds this capacity.

Motion Sensors: Tower cranes are equipped with motion sensors. These sensors detect objects that any part of the crane touches and allow the crane to stop automatically.

Emergency Panic Button: Crane operators have a stop button to quickly stop the crane in case of emergency.

Automatic Stop: Tower cranes have a feature that allows the crane hook to automatically stop when its movement reaches a certain height or distance.

Wind Sensors: Tower cranes are specially designed against the effects of wind because of their operation in the construction of high-rise structures. The cranes are equipped with wind sensors and in case of strong winds, the crane has the capability to stop automatically.

Fasteners: The fasteners of tower cranes are designed to ensure the stability of the crane and prevent it from tipping over. Since cranes are used in the construction of high-rise structures, the use of fasteners is extremely important.

Warning Systems: Cranes are equipped with audible and visual warning systems to ensure that workers are alerted about the movements of the crane. These systems ensure that the crane’s movements are safely communicated to workers.

These features are designed to ensure the safety of tower cranes. However, for the safe operation of cranes, it is also important that the operators should be trained and competent.