Types of Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are lifting equipment widely used in the building and construction industry. Different types are available depending on your needs. Although tower cranes are commonly known as high-capacity lifting equipment used in the construction of high-rise buildings, there are several different types of them designed for different tasks. Some types of tower cranes include: Fixed Tower Crane: Fixed tower cranes are those of the classic types of tower cranes commonly used on construction sites. They are usually mounted on reinforced concrete towers and have access to any zone of the construction site by virtue of their height.

Mobile Tower Crane: Mobile tower cranes operate similarly to fixed tower cranes but have a movable chassis. This is useful when they need to be transported within the construction site and used at multiple points.

Self-Rising Tower Crane: Self-rising tower cranes are those that rise with the increase in height during construction. Such cranes are designed for use in the early phases of construction and are ideal for the construction of high-rise buildings. Luffing Jib Tower Crane: Luffing jib tower cranes are those cranes designed for the construction of high-rise buildings. Because the lifting boom is shorter than the crane tower, they occupy less space in the construction of tall buildings and can be convenient choice when it is necessary to use multiple cranes operating in close proximity to each other. Top-Slewing Tower Crane: Top-slewing tower cranes are the most common types of tower cranes. They are mounted on a rotating tower and can be used in many different construction projects with their high capacity.

Each type of tower crane is designed to perform a different function and is selected in accordance with the needs on the construction site.