Tower Crane Prices

Tower cranes undertake the tasks of lifting and transporting materials at construction sites. Investment costs are generally high. Safety equipment, robust steel components, reducers and electronic systems constitute the most important portion of such cost.

Tower Crane is built to be durable and to operate under load. For this reason, it utilizes workmanship, raw materials, and technology at a high level. Such an approach is significant to ensure the quality standard. Since this situation is of vital importance, the main priority is to ensure the safety of the operator and occupational safety principles rather than cost.

Brand New Tower Crane Price The capacities of tower cranes, that is, the amount of load they can carry, largely determine their price. The make and model of tower cranes may also have an impact on their prices. Bigger, more powerful and more feature-capable cranes tend to be more expensive.

Second Hand Tower Crane Price

In calculating the prices of second-hand cranes, many aspects such as the year of production of the tower crane, years in operation, purpose of operation, whether it was operated in tunnel formwork projects or wood formwork projects should be points of consideration. In addition to the foregoing, the steel components of the crane should be checked carefully. Since the work performed is highly sensitive, cracks in the steel and welding points of the crane may cause major problems in the future. It is extremely important how unused cranes are also maintained. It is necessary to pay attention to them when determining the price of a crane or buying a second-hand crane. For example, problems occur at the joints of cranes that are displaced excessively. Normal wear and tear occur during assembly and disassembly.