Tower Crane Operator Considerations

There are some issues that the Tower Crane operator should pay attention to in order to ensure safe working with the crane. First of all, the tower crane operator must be trained, experienced and certified in this regard. The operator has to check the working conditions in the crane's user manual and other conditions (wind speed, visibility etc.)

The user must check the safety devices of the crane before starting to work. In a potentially dangerous situation, the crane should not operate until the danger is eliminated.

Wind, acceleration and operating heights must be considered to ensure the safe operation of tower cranes. The operator should also take the necessary safety measures against the wind in windy weather. If there is a risk of the boom hitting the scaffolding or the structure under construction due to the wind, the employer must fulfill the measures determined.

Although the wind speed limiting the operation of the crane is specified in the standards, the limits stipulated by the manufacturer should not be exceeded. When the wind speed exceeds the specified value, the safety of the crane should be ensured as soon as possible and the current operation should be stopped and the swing motor brakes should be released to eliminate the resistance of the tower crane against the wind.

Under no circumstances should the load be lifted above the lifting capacity. It is absolutely dangerous to use the Tower Crane for any purpose other than load carrying. In particular, the crane should never be used as a means of transporting people.

In tower cranes, the operator must bring the hook to the up position before leaving the control station, leaving the swing engine braking system open.