Considerations For Tower Crane Installation

The site where tower cranes will be installed must be suitable for crane operation. Structures such as buildings, power lines, chimneys and other cranes in the vicinity that will prevent the crane from working if it is raised should be taken into consideration.

Installation should be done by a professional team. Considering the size of even any small accident, it is an issue that should be given great attention. For this reason, a team that knows the construction site well should be present in the installation alongside an experienced installation team.

Another important issue is the study of the ground on which the tower crane will be installed. It should be inspected beforehand depending on the loads to be carried by the Tower Crane. A crane should be set up on a flat ground by creating a basic platform. Under no circumstances should it be installed on soft and sloping floors. Dangerous excavation should not be done in the vicinity. The slightest slip and tilt on the ground can cause the tower crane to topple. For this reason, the most important step required for tower crane installation is the ground survey and the choice of feet according to the ground.