Concrete Plant Main Chassis

The main unit includes “Mixer”, “Weighing Group”, “Aggregate Holding Bunker” and other auxiliary equipment as standard.

a-) Weighing group
It is the section where the weighing of other materials other than aggregate, ie cement, water, additives, ice, microsilica, etc. takes place.

Materials in the size specified in the recipe are transferred to the relevant weighing chamber under control and weighed with the data received from the load cells (Load-cell).

Load cell :
Cement, from silos with cement auger; water from a water reservoir with the help of a water pump, additive; With the help of an additive pump from an additive tank, other materials are conveyed to the chamber to be weighed in similar ways.

Water pump :
When all the materials to be used in the production of concrete / mortar, whose weighing is completed, are ready by weighing, the flaps of the chambers are opened, respectively, and discharged into the “Mixer”.

b-) Mixer
The mixer is the machine where the materials required for the production of concrete/mortar are collected and the material is mixed in a chamber until it has a homogeneous structure and the final product is formed. The mixers can be of various capacities and models depending on the plant type and optionally. At the end of the mixing period, the finished concrete/mortar is discharged to the transmixers or to the desired section by opening the mixer discharge cover.

c-) Aggregate Waiting Bunker
When the conveyor is fed to the mixer, the weighed material is kept on the concrete mixer ready by using a holding bunker, due to the possibility that the mixer has not completed its mixture within the cycle time and the aggregate weighing + loading time is long.

d-) Other Equipment
In addition to these equipment, there are other equipment that are very important for a concrete plant. We can count these equipments as valves, pumps, electrical equipment (panel, PC etc.), hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.