Concrete Plant Eqiupment

Concrete; It is a material that is formed by a mixture of cement and water that holds aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed stone together and gains stone hardness when mixed properly. This is the chemical reaction of cement and water, called hydration. The facilities where these ready-mixed concrete components are stocked, mixed in certain quantities, ready-mixed concrete is produced and the transmixers are filled are called "concrete plants".

Concrete batching plants consist of mechanical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and equipment that transport the materials that make up the concrete, control their amounts and perform the mixing process.

We can list these equipments as follows;
1- Aggregate Bunker
2- Aggregate Weighing Belt
3- Mixer Feeding Band
4- Aggregate Bucket
5- Cement Silos and Screws
6- Main Unit
6a-) Weighing group
6b-) Mixer
6c-) Aggregate Waiting Bunker
7- Automation System