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Motor graders stand out for their functionality. They are used in various areas such as creating slopes, trenching, snow plowing and scraping.
220 Hp
Max. Power
Pi kazıcı yükleyiciler zorlu koşullarda maksimum performans göstermektedir. Yükleme işleri, kanal kazısı, kırım işleri, her türlü malzemenin hafriyatı...
Max. Power
Cone crushers are designed to crush the hardest and most corrosive materials such as granite, basalt and andesite.
50-200 t/h
Pi Makina, which has produced the largest Crushing and Screening Facilities in Turkey and the world, produces solutions suitable for every project and need.
50-500 ton/h
Pi Tower Cranes is also suitable for use in structures built through tunnel formwork technology with a load lifting capacity of 8-10-12 tons.
60-75 m
Jib Length
Pi Makina is capable of manufacturing stationary, mobile, compact, dry type and precast type concrete batching plants with capacity from 30 m³ to 360 m³ per hour.
30-360 m3/h
Concrete Capacity
Truck-mounted concrete pumps, which can distribute concrete between 130m3 and 140m3, deliver concrete up to height of 56 meters.
31 - 56 m
Pumping Height
The concrete transport system is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the production of prefabricated concrete elements (mold concrete).
1-2 m3
Hopper Capacity
Pi Kule 225 Pi Kule 185 Pi Kule 140 Pi Kule 110

Pi Kule 225

The maximum hoisting capacity of Pi Tower Crane 225, which is preferred in construction projects in many countries around the world, is 12 tons. The tower crane, which lifts 1300 kg at the boom end, has a boom length of 75 meters and a free-standing height of 61 meters. Pi

Makina is Turkey's first and largest tower crane manufacturer. Pi Makina, which produced the first tower crane in 1982, is now developing its manufacturing capability and producing through 6- and 7-axis robot welding technology. Easy-to-erect Pi Tower cranes which are easily assembled offer a comfortable and safe working experience for its users with the powerful automation system, ergonomic stairs and platform design. Pi Makina also produces tower cranes in different models with load hoisting capacities ranging from 2 to 24 tons, boom end hoisting capabilities between 750 kilograms and 2 tons, and up to 80 meters to meet any need.

Top Features
Pi Kule 225 Pi Kule 185 Pi Kule 140 Pi Kule 110
Max Lifting Capacity 12 ton 10 ton 10 ton 8 ton
Max Capacity at jib end 1300 kg 1450 kg 1450 kg 1150 kg
Jib Length 75 m 66 m 60 m 60 m
Free standing height 61 m 52,2 m 49,8 m 55,5 m

Outstanding Features

1 Ideal crane for Tunnel Formwork

It is also suitable for use in structures built through tunnel formwork technology with a load lifting capacity of 8 tons.

2 Advanced automation system

Mitsubishi branded PLC, HDMI touch screen information display for use in 5 languages, both mechanical and electrical overload limitation, maintenance time alert.

3 Black Box (Data Recording System)

The load that is lifted instantly, the position of the load in the boom and the current wind speed are recorded.

4 Ergonomic cabin

For the comfortable operation by the operator; wide viewing angle, remote controlled air conditioning (heating+cooling), height adjusted, back-and-forth moving and rotating seat.

Optional Features

Hydraulic Ascending Unit

In construction works that require working at the height of free standing, the tower crane is easily and quickly ascended with this unit. The ascending unit also reduces the cost by allowing the tower crane to be ascended without any need for a mobile crane.

Rail Walking System

Rail walking system used for special projects; a rail and walking system developed to increase the swing area of the crane and to perform work at greater distances.

Remote control

The remote-controlled joystick allows the operator to intervene from the ground without ascending onto the tower crane cabin.

Remote Monitoring system

The system, developed for special occasions, allows to remotely monitor any movements of the crane and, where necessary, to halt the crane by the authorized person.

Anti-collision system

System developed for areas where multiple tower cranes work in close proximity; it prevents any possible collision by allowing cranes to communicate with each other during operation.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Pi Kule 225Pi Kule 185Pi Kule 140Pi Kule 110
Free standing height61 m 52,2 m 49,8 m 55,5 m
Maximum Working Radius75 m 66 m 60 m 60 m
Max Capacity at jib end1300 kg 1450 kg 1450 kg 1150 kg
Max Lifting Capacity12000 kg 10000 kg 10000 kg 8000 kg
Rotation Motor3 x 75 Nm 2 x 75 Nm 2 x 5,5 kW 2 x 5,5 kW
Rotation Speed (5 Stepped)0 - 0,75 rpm 0 - 0,75 rpm 0 - 1,00 rpm 0 - 1,00 rpm
Trolley Motor7,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW 5,5 kW
Trolley Speed (5 Stepped)0 - 60 m/min 0 - 60 m/min 0 - 60 m/min 0 - 60 m/min
Travelling Motor4 x 4 kW 4 x 4 kW 2 x 3 kW 2 x 3 kW
Travelling Speed (5 Stepped)0 - 19 m/min 0 - 19 m/min 0 - 19 m/min 0 - 19 m/min
Hoisting Motor55 kW 37 kW 37 kW 30 kW
Hoisting Speed (5 Stepped)0 - 73 m/min 0 - 68 m/min 0 - 68 m/min 0 - 67 m/min


Pi Kule 225Pi Kule 185Pi Kule 140Pi Kule 110
Erection Duration9 day/man 9 day/man 9 day/man 9 day/man
Transportation/Trail Truck11 trailer truck 12 trailer truck 7 trailer truck 7 trailer truck
Transportation/Container13 container 13 container 9 & 2 9 & 2

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