İş Makinaları
Backhoe Loaders
The Backhoe loaders are one of the products developed recently by the Pi Makina, also known as Backhoe Loaders. The Pi Makina Backhoe Loaders have a moving seat, operator’s position protection and serviceable control cab, both providing for the operator’s comfort and the efficiency of use of the loader. The developed loader backhoe-bucket in the front and the excavator bucket in the rear offer a long-time enduring and powerful machine to users and owners.
Loaders are used in building construction and infrastructural works, in waste and recycling facilities, in quarries and mines, in carrying rocks and lumbers and in storage operations. Since loaders are the most important machines operating in these fields, the Pi Makina products are preferred in the market owing to our experience and assurance. Today, mostly preferable models are tyred loaders.
Skid Steer Loaders
The Pi Makina Mini Loader is a pioneer in its sector in Turkey. Under the present conditions, and depending on the volume of works and the condition of construction sites, mini loaders are preferable instead of larger loaders. Mini loaders have tyred and crawler models and come to the foreground with their low cost, high-level of maneuvering capability in narrow areas and safe cab in small-size loading and excavation operations and in construction sites.
 Self Loading  Dump Truck
Self-Loading Dumpers are an important part of the group of Pi Makina products designed for operating under all types of challenging conditions with a capability of carrying out many works simultaneously with their powerful structure and large volume. A self-loading dumper functions as a loader on construction sites and in plants and owing to its rear dumper, it moves materials to the required destination without needing a second machine.
The Pi Makina Graders are manufactured to work free of problems for road construction, snow clearing, excavation and digging operations. They are a result of our production power with 40 years of experience and attract the interest of our customers with their models 3180 and 3300 for different works and conditions.


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