Tehnologia betonului
Macara turn
Uzina de concasare
Masina de mutare a pamantului
Grederele cu motor se remarcă prin funcționalitatea lor. Ele sunt utilizate în diferite domenii, cum ar fi crearea de pante, șanțuri, arătura zăpezii și răzuirea.
220 CP
Max. Putere
Buldoexcavatoarele Pi arată performanțe maxime în condiții dure. Lucrări de încărcare, excavare de șanțuri, lucrări de demolare, excavare de tot felul de materiale...
Max. Putere
Concasoarele cu con sunt proiectate pentru a zdrobi cele mai dure și mai corozive materiale, cum ar fi granitul, bazalt și andezit.
50-200 t/h
Pi Makina, care a produs cele mai mari instalații de concasare și cernere din Turcia și din lume, produce soluții potrivite pentru fiecare proiect și nevoie.
50-500 tone/h
Pi Tower Cranes este, de asemenea, potrivit pentru utilizarea în structurile construite prin tehnologia de cofraj de tunel cu o capacitate de ridicare a sarcinii de 8-10-12 tone.
60-75 m
Lungimea Jibului
Pi Makina este capabilă să producă stații, mobile, compacte, uscate și de tip prefabricat stații de beton cu capacitate de la 30 m³ la 360 m³ pe oră.
30-360 m3/h
Capacitate de beton
Pompele de beton montate pe camion, care pot distribui beton între 130m3 și 140m3, livrează beton până la înălțimea de 56 de metri.
31 - 56 m
Înălțimea de pompare
Sistemul de transport al betonului este conceput pentru a crește eficiența și a reduce costurile în producția de elemente prefabricate din beton (beton turnat).
1-2 m3
Capacitate buncăr
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Domestic Tower crane manufacturing

As Turkey's first domestic tower crane manufacturer, we decided to produce the tower rotation gearbox, which is available in our tower cranes and for which we depend on foreign outsourced supply. As the sales volume of our plants and tower cranes increased, so did our gearbox production volume. Thus, we have reached the level of commercialization. Based on the enhancement of our abilities, we have attained a certain quality level. We manufacture products and perform 100% control in our own facilities. We have testing equipment and infrastructure in our factory accordingly.

We are also capable of manufacturing a number of special gears for the defense industries or contracting works. There are many domestic companies in Turkey that manufacture concrete batching plants, belts, and mixers. We know that they also purchase many reducers or gearboxes from abroad. We are saying: “Let us supply the needs under the brand name, Picador, that we have created. Let the companies purchase such needs from us locally and not supply them from abroad. We have domesticated the products. We have contacts with some of our domestic companies and have established connection with them at the point of supply. 100% domestic production.

The gearboxes we manufacture in our own factory are 100% domestic based on our design. The exterior of the box is a cast and casting parts are supplied from Organized Industrial Estates (OIE). We buy steel domestically. We perform the necessary heat treatment in our facilities. We are very assertive not only in the gearbox, but also in the manufacture of domestic axle, for instance. We employ our domestic axle in our various product ranges. All these narratives demonstrate how powerful is Pi Makina's production strength. "Our awareness at OSTIM was provided with ISIM”.

As Pi Makina, we have been acting as a company that makes our own produces for many years and meets our requirements through resources within. After 2011, this standpoint of ours has changed a little bit. Our contact with ISIM reflects this distinct standpoint. As a large corporation based in Golbasi, which itself manufactures each facility, we have observed that there are many companies in this sector that will contribute to domestic production even if their capabilities are not as good as ours. With a management resolution, our first connection with OSTIM was ensured through ISIM Cluster. It is a great advantage to ensure such a value in Ankara meets with OSTIM. Our company, which has a strong infrastructure, raised awareness in OSTIM.

After having accessed OSTIM, we gradually started to see what many different institutions or companies were aiming for. In order for our projects to advance forward quickly, our search for manufacturing service or ready-made product services will increase in the upcoming years. Since our communication with many companies in OSTIM has not been established until now, we may be able to shift many of our out-of-Ankara supplies to OSTIM thanks to our participation in clustering.

Macara turn

Macara Turn

Masina de mutare a pamantului


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