Concrete Technology
Tower Crane
Crushing Plant
Earth Moving Machine
Motor graders stand out for their functionality. They are used in various areas such as creating slopes, trenching, snow plowing and scraping.
220 Hp
Max. Power
Pi kazıcı yükleyiciler zorlu koşullarda maksimum performans göstermektedir. Yükleme işleri, kanal kazısı, kırım işleri, her türlü malzemenin hafriyatı...
Max. Power
Cone crushers are designed to crush the hardest and most corrosive materials such as granite, basalt and andesite.
50-200 t/h
Pi Makina, which has produced the largest Crushing and Screening Facilities in Turkey and the world, produces solutions suitable for every project and need.
50-500 ton/h
Pi Tower Cranes is also suitable for use in structures built through tunnel formwork technology with a load lifting capacity of 8-10-12 tons.
60-75 m
Jib Length
Pi Makina is capable of manufacturing stationary, mobile, compact, dry type and precast type concrete batching plants with capacity from 30 m³ to 360 m³ per hour.
30-360 m3/h
Concrete Capacity
Truck-mounted concrete pumps, which can distribute concrete between 130m3 and 140m3, deliver concrete up to height of 56 meters.
31 - 56 m
Pumping Height
The concrete transport system is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the production of prefabricated concrete elements (mold concrete).
1-2 m3
Hopper Capacity
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Domestically produced drilling rig is ready | Pi Makina

Turkey will now be able to employ a domestically produced drilling rig to explore its own oil. An event was organized to promote the deep oil drilling rig manufactured by Pi Makina. The most important feature of the tower platform, which can drill up to a depth of 7 thousand meters, is that it is fully automatic. As drilling is carried out in other systems, pipes are manually lowered and collected with the help of workers, and these operations are performed automatically in the domestic Pi Makina drilling rig.

While the rig design is 100% domestic, the importation of such a tower costs around US$40-50 million. In domestic production, the cost is reduced by half. In other words, US$20-25 million remains in our country. 90% of the equipment used in the production of Pi Makina drilling rig was domestically produced and some hydraulic systems were supplied from Italy.

The initial demand for the domestic tower came from TPAO, which has 23 drilling rigs. In addition to TPAO, many domestic and foreign companies are also interested in the drilling rig.

Vural ERBIL, the Chairman of Pi Makina, stated that the rig can drill up to a depth of 7 thousand meters. “The biggest feature of the drill rig is that it is automatic ... When drilling, it automatically places and disassembles pipes in the soil. Many workers are employed in towers like this, and this machine performs it all standalone. 100% design of this machine is developed by us."

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Tower Crane

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