Concrete Technology
Tower Crane
Crushing Plant
Earth Moving Machine
Motor graders stand out for their functionality. They are used in various areas such as creating slopes, trenching, snow plowing and scraping.
220 Hp
Max. Power
Pi kazıcı yükleyiciler zorlu koşullarda maksimum performans göstermektedir. Yükleme işleri, kanal kazısı, kırım işleri, her türlü malzemenin hafriyatı...
Max. Power
Cone crushers are designed to crush the hardest and most corrosive materials such as granite, basalt and andesite.
50-200 t/h
Pi Makina, which has produced the largest Crushing and Screening Facilities in Turkey and the world, produces solutions suitable for every project and need.
50-500 ton/h
Pi Tower Cranes is also suitable for use in structures built through tunnel formwork technology with a load lifting capacity of 8-10-12 tons.
60-75 m
Jib Length
Pi Makina is capable of manufacturing stationary, mobile, compact, dry type and precast type concrete batching plants with capacity from 30 m³ to 360 m³ per hour.
30-360 m3/h
Concrete Capacity
Truck-mounted concrete pumps, which can distribute concrete between 130m3 and 140m3, deliver concrete up to height of 56 meters.
31 - 56 m
Pumping Height
The concrete transport system is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the production of prefabricated concrete elements (mold concrete).
1-2 m3
Hopper Capacity
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Turkish manufactured gear disrupted import of international gears

Pi Makina, which has been coming up with solutions for the commercial needs of customers through its activities in the field of machinery for more than 40 years by dint of its wide product range and high-quality services, is expanding its domestic production breadth with its new investments. The company, a member of OSTIM Business and Construction Machinery Cluster (ISIM), has established a gear manufacturing line in 2007 and placed therein products predominantly outsourced from abroad in the past. Necati Dayi, the Quality Control Manager, said that they intend to transform the production they started with the intention of meeting their own needs to a commercial extent.

Pi Makina, established as the manufacturing unit of Erg Insaat Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S., serves the whole world today with the heavy equipment and construction machinery it has been producing since 1974.

Pi Makina, which has a total of 500,000 square meters of outdoor and indoor production area in Ankara, accommodates many modern and innovative business lines under the same roof with close to six hundred employees. The Company, performing projects with heavy equipment and construction machinery spanning from concrete batching plants to concrete pumps, tower cranes to crushing and screening plants, backhoe loaders to excavators, also provides services and spare parts services to its customers from many countries around the world through its after-sales services. Pi Makina, equipped with a significant engineering and project know-how and knowledge, commissioned the gear manufacturing line in 2007 and commenced with its own design the production of gear boxes, 80 percent of which are outsourced from abroad. “A substantial investment has been made”.

Necati Dayi, Quality Control Manager of the Company that offers the products from a line under the Picador brand, explained the operations as follows: “Concrete batching plants, concrete pumps and tower cranes comprise our commercial products. For such products, we used to import powertrains and gearboxes mainly from abroad. The gear manufacturing line was established in our factory in 2007 with a view to realize the production of gearboxes and to domesticate our other powertrains in our other projects. Large investments were made in gear manufacturing machines within the scope of domestication of powertrain production. A heat treatment plant with a capacity of 1.5 tons, capable of performing many processes, was set up to give the materials the required strength. Thus, we have created a manufacturing line where we can manufacture gearbox and powertrain groups.

Our gear manufacturing line gives us the ability to manufacture various gearboxes. We can have box bodies cast through our domestic companies and process them in our own facilities. We can assemble boxes with our domestic workforce by bringing together the gears that come out of our manufacturing line. We are able to test our gearboxes following assembly phase. We can also conduct longevity tests in our own facilities; for instance, converter reducers in belt conveyors in our crushing and screening plants.

Tower Crane

Tower Crane

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