Pi Makina Tower Cranes
Being the first domestic tower crane manufacturer of Turkey, Pi Makina has worked with many large companies regarding the tower cranes in recent years and is still being preferred in many countries besides Turkey. Pi Makina Tower Cranes which have 6 different models with the operational radius between 37 and 75 m have the lifting capacity between 2 and 12 tons. Stationary Tower Cranes which provide ease of self-erection with their hoist are preferred in high capacity projects.

kule vinc
Tower Crane Tower Crane Tower Crane Tower Crane Tower Crane
    Kule225 Kule140 Kule110
Free Standing Hook Height (m) 61,9 43.9 46.8
Self Climbing Hook Height (m) 206.65 125.1 131
Max Working Radius (m) 75 60 60
Max Lifting Capacity at Jib End (kg) 1500 1450 1250
Max Lifting Capacity (ton) 12 10 8
Tower Rotation Speed (rpm) 0.25/0.5/0.8 0.35/0.7/1 0.4/0.7/1
Tower Rotation Speed (Kw) 3x75 Nm 2x65 Nm 2x65 Nm
Trolley Speed (m/min) 0-120 0-60 0-60
Trolley Motor Power (Kw) 7.5 7.5 5.5
Lifting Speed (m/min) 1.9-59 2.0-40 4.0-41
Lifting Motor Power (Kw) 55 37 30
Travelling Speed (m/dak) 0-25 0-19 0-18
Travelling Motor Power (kW) 4x4 2x3 2x3
Bom Ballast Weight (ton) 22.50 16.92 15.26
Free Standing Hook Height (m) 35.7
Self Climbing Hook Height (m) 95
Max Working Radius (m) 45
Max Lifting Capacity at Jib End (kg) 800
max Lifting Capacity (ton) 3
Tower Rotation Speed (rpm) 0.35/0.7/1
Tower Rotation Speed (Kw) 4
Trolley Speed (m/min) 0-60
Trolley Motor Power (Kw) 4
Lifting Speed (m/min) 6-76
Lifting Motor Power (Kw) 18.5
Travelling Speed (m/min) 0-14
Travelling Motor Power 2x2.9
Bom Ballast Weight (ton) 8.052

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