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Motor graders stand out for their functionality. They are used in various areas such as creating slopes, trenching, snow plowing and scraping.
220 Hp
Max. Power
Pi kazıcı yükleyiciler zorlu koşullarda maksimum performans göstermektedir. Yükleme işleri, kanal kazısı, kırım işleri, her türlü malzemenin hafriyatı...
Max. Power
Cone crushers are designed to crush the hardest and most corrosive materials such as granite, basalt and andesite.
50-200 t/h
Pi Makina, which has produced the largest Crushing and Screening Facilities in Turkey and the world, produces solutions suitable for every project and need.
50-500 ton/h
Pi Tower Cranes is also suitable for use in structures built through tunnel formwork technology with a load lifting capacity of 8-10-12 tons.
60-75 m
Jib Length
Pi Makina is capable of manufacturing stationary, mobile, compact, dry type and precast type concrete batching plants with capacity from 30 m³ to 360 m³ per hour.
30-360 m3/h
Concrete Capacity
Truck-mounted concrete pumps, which can distribute concrete between 130m3 and 140m3, deliver concrete up to height of 56 meters.
31 - 56 m
Pumping Height
The concrete transport system is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the production of prefabricated concrete elements (mold concrete).
1-2 m3
Hopper Capacity
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Industry leader in the supply of concrete plants to precast, cobblestone and curbstone facilities

In the last decade, cobblestone plant productions have gained importance in the sector in the ever-developing world. Pi Makina has always been at the forefront with its uniquely designed plants equipped with single and double mixers on a single chassis for which the Company has made a substantial investment. Pi Makina demonstrated its privilege in the market by having manufactured first-class plant mixers with capacities ranging from 0.5m3 to 2m3 in mass production in Turkey for many years (without any dependency on international companies). The Company installs many facilities each year that operate with the cobblestone plant. It has become a brand name.

In the last two quarters alone, many municipalities and leading companies of the sector such as KAMTAS, OKUN BETON, SERTAS, ACETLER COAL, TURKANLAR CONSTRUCTION, ERBIMS, TUGRUL BETON, TELLILER CONSTRUCTION have preferred these specially designed precast concrete plants of Pi Makina.

Pi Makina, which installed double mixer (for fine and thick mortar) concrete plants on the same chassis not only in the domestic market, but also in many countries of the world, has consolidated its success in integrated facilities.
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Tower Crane

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