Pi Makina Kalite Kontrol

Various dimensional measurements; material quality detection by spectral analyzer; macro and micro hardness testing after heat treatment; tension, bending and impact tests for detection of materials mechanical properties; thickness measurements after coating and painting processes are carried out within the structure of the Quality Control Laboratory.

By magnetic partical inspection (MPI Testing) all surface and near surface crack type defects can be detected after cementation and induction hardening processes which are the surface hardening processes within the scope of non-destructive inspection processes and ultrasonic inspection method is used for detection of material internal defects.

Spectral analyse Steel, cast iron, aluminum and bronze materials analysis
CMM Measurement Bench-1 measurement Capacity: X: 1500 mm, Y: 2500 mm, Z:1200 mm
CMM Measurement Bench-2 Measurement capacity: X: 900 mm, Y: 1600 mm, Z:800 mm
Gearbox Control Tool Control gear capable of testing up to; 0.5 and 15 module, 400 mm radius and 500 mm height
Hardness Tester (Macro) 1-250 kg capacity, Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell ve Superficial Rockwell tests.
Hardness Tester (Micro) 100g-31.25 kg capacity; Vickers, Knoop, Brinell ve Rockwell tests.
Tension Tester Tool 60 ton capacity.
Impact Tester Tool 406.7 Joule capacity
Inverted Metallurgical Microscope 500 x scaling
Stationary Magnetic Tester Tool 5000 Amper AC RMS, capable of testing shaft materials up to 1,500 mm

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