Pi Otomotiv

Our company which has been making investments in the automotive industry continuously with the contributions of Pİ MAKİNA in terms of high domestic design and engineering is known by its contributions to the Turkish automotive industry. It manufactures Turkey’s highest level of domestic vehicle production with its multifunctional domestic trucks and light trucks, personnel carriers.

Our company which has completed all its necessary technical and mechanical equipment investments provides service both in the civil practices with its products and to the domestic and foreign markets with its multiple vehicle options suitable for both military and public areas.

Pi Makina has proved itself with its launched vehicles, front axles, rear axles and transfer cases of its own production and products which are designed for hard conditions and tested. It develops 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 vehicles and vehicles suitable for all required bodywork. We’ve started to publicise our new truck models 12-180, 18-240, 34-400 in fairs and organizations.

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Pi Makina Otomotiv İns.Mak.Paz.İhr.İth.San ve Tic. Ltd Sti. G.O.P Mah. 79/1 Sok. No:6 PK:10-11 06831 Gölbaşı - Ankara / TURKEY
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