Pi Makina Vertical shaft Crusher
Vertical Shaft Crusher is designed for crushing hard, corrosive and small grained materials. On the other hand, it can easily crush aqueous, wet and adhesive materials unlike other crushers.

Crushing process in the vertical shaft crusher is carried out as throwing of the stone in the crushing chamber to the lining by high speed rotating rotor. Operational and spare part costs are rather economic due to feeding of crusher and crushing process being carried out as crushing one stone to another.

Pi Makina Vertical Shaft Crushers are preferred compared to their competitors due to their causing less environmental and noise pollution, low maintenance cost and quick maintenance time. Vertical Shaft Crushers are mostly used in limestone, basalt and dolomite quarries, sand, stone chips and pebble stone production plants for concrete and asphalt.

vertical shaft crusher
    Dmk350 Dmk450 Dmk550
Capacity (ton/hour) 250-450 300-500 400-600
Motor (Kw) 2x160 2x200 2x250
Max Feeding Size (mm) 40-50 40-50 40-50
Norminal Size (mm) 1400-1600 1200 1400-1600

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