Pi Makina concrete plant mixer
Combining its experience of many years with its quality, Pi Makina has been using its concrete mixers to produce durable, 100% homogeneous and customized types of concrete with a longer service life than its competitors. Pi Makina is the first national company having the capability of manufacturing concrete mixers of any capacity and type and has been continuing to serve the concrete sector with its pan, planet, single-shaft and double-shaft mixers. The first-quality internal incorrodible materials used in manufacturing mixers made of the best-quality castings available in the market, the structure of mixing vanes and the mixing angle combined with the motor efficiency jointly put forth the reasons why they are preferable than to other mixers.

Concrete Mixers
concrete mixer planet concrete mixer turbo pan concrete mixer turbo pan concrete mixer planet concrete mixer- double shaft

Turbo Pan Mixers

The most important feature of the pan type concrete mixers is that they may be operated with more than one optional pouring cap as well. Due to this reason, shortened mixer filling periods and increased efficiency increase the importance of the turbo pan type concrete mixer
Level spiral axles in single shaft concrete mixers and double shaft concrete mixers give their place to many mixing arms in the pan type mixers. Having many mixing arms provides the concrete mixer to make the mixed concrete more homogenized. Vertical shaft mixers are ideal for the precast, paving stone plants and production of ashlar. They produce more homogenized mixture. In the Turbo Pan type mixer product range, there are Pi Bet 650, Pi Bet 1500 and Pi Bet 3000 models. The compacted concrete capacity of these concrete mixers varies between 0,65 m3 and 2 m3.

    650 1250 1500 2000
Capacity (l) 975 1875 2500 4000
Loading Capacity (l) 780 1500 1800 3600
Unvibrated Concrete Volume (l) 650 1250 1500 3000
Vibrated Concrete Volume (l) 520 1000 1200 2400
Motor Power (kW) 22 37 37 75
Motor (d/d) 1500 1500 1500 1500

Planetary Concrete Mixer

The difference of the planet type concrete mixers as compared to the pan types is that the mixing arms rotate both around themselves and through the boiler (there are agitator type smaller mixing arms outside the main shaft ensuring mixing inside). Thus, they provide homogenized concrete production best. Planet type concrete mixers are rather used in the plants where low slumped concrete is needed most. They are particularly preferred in making blocks and paving stone plants.
Pi Bet 500P, Pi Bet 1000P and Pi Bet 2000P models are manufactured as planet type concrete mixers by Pi Makina. Their boiler capacity varies between 1000 and 3000 liters in dry volume and between 0.5 and 2 m3 in compacted concrete volume.
    500P 1000P 2000P
Capacity (l) 1250 1500 4500
Loading Capacity (l) 750 1500 3000
Unvibrated Concrete Volume (l) 600 1200 2400
Vibrated Concrete Volume (l) 500 1000 2000
Motor Power (kW) 18.5 37 2x45
Motor (d/d) 1500 1500 1500

Single Shaft Mixer

The difference between the single shaft concrete mixers and double shaft concrete mixers is that the first offers higher efficiency in lower capacities and for this reason they have lower operational costs. Double shaft system with level synchronized axle in double shaft concrete mixers gives its place to single shaft in these mixers.

Its compact structure and the quality of the interior abrasion-proof materials are the most important features of Pi Makina Concrete Mixers. Pi Makina Pi Bet 2000S single shaft concrete mixer has 2000 / 3000 liters of boiler capacity and 2 m3 compacted concrete volume.
Capacity (l) 3400
Loading Capacity (l) 2400
Unvibrated Concrete Volume (l) 2000
Vibrated Concrete Volume (l) 1600
Motor Power (kW) 44
Motor (d/d) 1500

Twin Shaft Mixers

The most important feature of the Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers is that they provide a more homogenized mixture in mass concrete casting in comparison with the other types. In order to ensure increasing of the productivity and minimum energy consumption in concrete mixers, full contact of the cement with aggregate in low water and cement ratios should be provided as soon as possible. This is conducted best in the twin shaft concrete mixers. In addition, the automatic lubrication system in concrete mixers will extend the life span of mixers just like in other mixers. Due to these reasons, Pi Makina uses double shaft mixers in large capacity concrete plants for the production.
Manufactured by Pi Makina, the Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers namely Pi Bet 2000 / 3000 and Pi Bet 3000 / 4500 Models have boiler capacity of 4000 / 6000 and 4500 / 6750 liters, respectively. In addition, they offer 2 m3, 3 m3, 4 and 4,5 m3 compacted concrete volume.
    2000 3000
Capacity (l) 3000 4500
Loading Capacity (l) 2400 3600
Unvibrated Concrete Volume (l) 2000 3000
Vibrated Concrete Volume (l) 1600 2400
Motor Power (kW) 2x37 2x55
Motor (d/d) 1500 1500

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