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Concrete mixing Plants with Conveyor
The Pi Makina Stationary Concrete Batching Plants are intended for use on your long-duration projects, in the ready-mixed concrete sector and in undertaking services. They are designed to meet your requirements fully and as to the nature of the works and commissioned such that you would not suffer any problem afterwards. After the installation, it provides you a safe working environment with a 24/7 service warranty. Stationary concrete batching plants with a belt are capable of pouring all types of mass concrete perfectly with a high level of homogeneity in different slump ranges.
Concrete mixing Plants with skip hoist
Pi Makina Compact Concrete Batching Plants (With Skip Hoist) guarantee the long-term problem free operation with their quality. Stationary Concrete Batching Plants With Skip Hoist just like the Stationary Concrete Batching Plants With Belt are the ideal solution partners for your projects with high capacity concrete requirement and especially shortage of area in the construction site. Their best advantage is their ease of erection and transportation.
Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant
The Pi Makina Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are preferred by our customers who want a faster solution in a shorter time compared to stationary concrete batching plants and are frequently mentioned in the market due to their ease of transportation, quick assembly/disassembly and low operating costs. Our mobile concrete batching plants provide a concrete production of 60 m3/hr and 100 m3/hr and have become an indispensable concrete batching plant for many projects with its power and quality today where the world is rapidly becoming mobilized, construction sites are frequently displaced and time gradually gains an increased importance.
Concrete Plants with scraper
Pi Makina is the first and only manufacturer of concrete batching plants with a scraper and does design concrete batching plants with a scraper for different capacities and features, taking into consideration of all types of requirements. Concrete batching plants with a scraper save room for you on the construction site and are preferable on projects where the concrete requirements are very low. Currently, demands from many countries in the world are being met completely.
Twin Type Concrete Plants
It has a different frame compared to the other concrete batching plants with its two Planetary Mixers featured in the Twin Type Concrete Batching Plant. It meets your low and high (if required) capacity concrete requirements. The advantage of this type of plant with two concrete mixers is that it has two concrete outlets and is capable of supplying concrete to 2 transmixers simultaneously.
Dry Type Concrete Plants
The most important feature of the Dry Type Concrete Batching Plants distinguishing them from the other types of plants is that they don’t have any concrete mixers. The mixing process is carried out by mixer trucks. It automatically weighs Agregate – Cement – Admixture and Water and directly pours into the mixer truck by the automation of Concrete Batching Plant.
Concrete Mixers
Combining its experience of many years with its quality, Pi Makina has been using its concrete mixers to produce durable, 100% homogeneous and customized types of concrete with a service life longer than that of its competitors. Pi Makina is the first national company having the capability of manufacturing concrete mixers of any capacity and type and has been continuing to serve the concrete sector with its pan, planet, single-shaft and double-shaft mixers. The first-quality internal incorrodible materials used in manufacturing mixers made of the best-quality castings available in the market, the structure of mixing vanes and the mixing angle combined with the motor efficiency jointly put forth the reasons why they are preferable than to other mixers.


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